Further Reading

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Selected materials for further study

Complete English as a Foreign Language, Sandra Stevens

  • If you find Social English Power a bit too difficult, you could work through this book first. It covers a range of everyday speaking situations, introducing useful vocabulary, phrases and grammar. Also includes discussion of British culture. Two audio CDs are available separately. Teach Yourself Books, 2010. ISBN: 9781444105926

  • 實用社交英語會話 (Practical Social English Conversation), Zhang Lijuan

  • Hong Kong-produced book containing a wealth of useful, mostly accurate, up-to-date phrases arranged by topic. Each phrase has a Chinese translation alongside. Well worth a look if you can find a copy (it is out of print). ISBN: 9629019280

  • Business Builder, Paul Emmerson

  • An excellent resource in 3 volumes for improving spoken communication skills in the workplace. Divided into bite-sized activities around a common theme, such as Arranging a meeting and Dealing with difficult interview questions. Available in photocopiable print form, and as a printable eBook. Macmillan, 2002. ISBN (volume 1): 9780333990940

  • wordsgalore.com

  • A free vocabulary learning help program you can download and run on your Windows or Linux PC.